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Camelot Software

CAMELOT is designed to allow compounders of any scale to manage their production whether it is manual or automatic.

CAMELOT’s main function is the organisation of production orders as received from a host computer system, but which may just as well have been entered manually

CAMELOT is the universal solution for compounders to organise and monitor their production.





The CAMELOT program has interfaces to all kinds of dispensing systems, manual and automatic.

Using component-, formula-, stock-, scale- and dispense system data, CAMELOT will automatically divide the production orders into partial orders as required to be dispensed at the various dispensing systems.

CAMELOT also monitors inventory and receives and  transmits the results of compounding for future reference.

The use of barcodes together with recording scale data makes CAMELOT an instrument to achieve full Lotnumber traceability.

CAMELOT is a ANSI / ISA S88.01 based suite of programs using the most up-to-date and universal methods to link upstream and downstream, including database sharing. The Microsoft-SQL or Oracle-based relational database give CAMELOT the highest possible reliability.


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