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Compact Dispense Line

The Compact Dispense Line (CDL) is Vanwyk’s universal answer to varying requirements for automatic compounding equipment.

The linear design with moving scale(s) is capable of dispensing 50 to 500 liquid components. The impressive dispensing speed and accuracy give the system an exceptional bandwidth regarding batch size, with smallest pour of 2 grams and largest batch of 500 kg.

The CDL can either be operated manually (with a handle) or automatically. The CDL is provided with proportionally controlled dispense valves. These valves of different sizes are mounted in blocks.







The CDL can be completed with a powder dispensing module.

Raw Material Storage




The fluids are supplied from storage tanks or suppliers drums, either overhead or under nitrogen pressure. Ask for our solutions.

Dispense Container Buffer




To allow for unattended operation we offer a range of automatic dispense containter supply- and take off conveyors.





An operation panel with keyboard and display, using state-of-the-art PC with Windows® technology makes the operation of the machine very easy.



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