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Universal Compact Sample Dispenser

The Universal Compact Sampler (UCS) has been designed to compound samples for customers and for flavorists / perfumers in Flavor and Fragrance companies in a range from 20 grams to 1.5 kg. The dimensions of the machine allow it to be brought in the laboratory through a standard door.

The system is using very small valves to dispense with milligram precision. The use of a scale for gravimetric dispensing guarantees absolute sample quality and trackability. The speed and reliability of the machine are unsurpassed.



Modular setup


The UCS has a modular setup with modules of 150 components. The first module is master module and includes all operation features, the other modules are slave modules.

By application of more modules the number of components increases, as well as the throughput of the system.






The fluids are supplied from storage bottles and drums under nitrogen pressure.

These bottles are arranged in a rack, mounted at the back of the machine.

Dispense Pot Buffer




A shelf for the sample pots acts as a combined input- and output buffer for a maximum of 13 pots, allowing for unattended operation. This shelf is accessed by the operator by opening the transparent front door. Using adaptors various types of pots can be applied.





An operation panel with keyboard and display, using state-of-the-art PC with Windows® technology makes the operation of the machine very easy.

Batch Traceability



The combination of Camelot Compounding Management Software, Manual Dispensing Stations and the UCS guarantees a fast and quality assured sample making environment.



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