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In-Can Dispenser

The In-Can Dispense Line has been specifically designed for the fast and flexible industry-to-industry production of small order series, directly produced in customer specified container sizes.

The In-Can filling and tinting system supports up to 32 bases and 64 color components to be dispensed into batches up to 30 kg into customer containers.

The design combines high accuracy with very high speed dispensing.

The system can be extended with a container lift and automatic valve cleaning.






The fluids are supplied from storage tanks or suppliers drums, using pneumatic pumps with Vanwyk’s PATENTED flow control system.





To allow for unattended operation we offer a range of automatic pot supply- and take off conveyors.





An operation panel with keyboard and display, using state-of-the-art PC with Windows® technology makes the operation of the machine very easy.


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