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Manual Powder Dissolver

The Manual Powder Dissolver (MPD) is the ideal solution for those customers who do not have the need for a full- or semi-automatic powder dissolver, but do need full control over the dissolving process.

The MPD can not be connected to another system, but up to 99 different dissolving methods can be stored, as well as all the destinations that you may have.






Placement and removal of the weighing pan is to be done manually.





An operation panel with keyboard and display, using state-of-the-art PC with Windows® technology makes the operation of the machine very easy.


The operator weighs the dyes and puts them into the dissolving tank.

The operator chooses the dissolving method and destination on the operation panel and starts the process.
The dyes will be dissolved and pumped to the destination tank.

Cleaning of the tank, pump and distribution piping is a part of the dissolving method and is automatically performed after the distribution process.



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