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Camelot Software

In 1989, VANWYK presented RAP, the Recipe Administration Package. RAP has provided textile printers all over the world with a reliable and versatile software package, enabling them to make more efficient use of their colorkitchen. The DOS-based RAP has served many textileprinters for more than a decade.
In 2003, the new Windows©-based CAMELOT was presented.

CAMELOT combines the proven knowledge and experience contained in RAP with the newest Windows technology. The graphical user interface makes CAMELOT extremely easy to use. The Microsoft-SQL or Oracle-based relational database give CAMELOT the highest possible reliability.

The one central database serves the two basic tasks CAMELOT fulfills: Batch Management and Batch Processing. Although both tasks can run from one PC only, it is highly recommended to use the built-in PC of the dispenser to control the batch-processing and a desktop PC to perform the task of batch-management.




CAMELOT has a lot of built-in facilities. The many years of experience with RAP have proven to be invaluable. All knowledge and the vast amount of experience have been integrated into CAMELOT.

Besides the central, relational database, CAMELOT provides a graphical user interface, through which the operators can easily access the following facilities:

  • Ingredients management
  • Order management
  • Recipe management
  • Screen, colorway and design management
  • Extended formula calculations
  • Stock locations and inventory control
  • Standard reports
  • Equipment settings
  • User access management


Additional Modules


All facilities described above are part of the standard CAMELOT Batch Processing System. It can be extended with even more facilities via additional software modules. These extra's will enhance the functionality of CAMELOT and give you the best possible way to optimize the information flow in and around your color preparation. Additional modules are:

  • Shade change facility
  • Return color management
  • Extended order management
  • Communication facilities
    (to connect CAMELOT to other systems)
  • Statistics
  • Consumption control
  • Barcode printing
  • User licenses

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