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Direct Compact Dispenser

The Direct Compact Dispenser (DCD) has been specifically developed for the high-accuracy automatic dispensing of printing paste for production as well as for sampling purposes for the textile printing industries.

Customer input and VANWYK Experience have resulted in a modular construction that combines ease of operation with precision dispensing, high capacity and low investment.

Whether used as a stand-alone dispenser, or integrated with automatic mixing and transportmodules, the DCD provides fast dispensing with great reproducibility.

Together with the CAMELOT software, the DCD is able to re-use return colors optimally, to reduce material costs and pollution problems.





The DCD uses tanks or supplier's own drums to avoid refilling of storage containers, so that an empty container is simply replaced by a full one.





To allow for unattended operation we offer a range of automatic bucket supply- and take-off conveyors.






An operation panel with keyboard and display, using state-of-the-art PC with Windows® technology makes the operation of the machine very easy.


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